RSS feeds are a really convenient way to have your news from a variety of sources automatically come to you in one place (your RSS feed reader). You can think of it as adding a friend in Facebook. The difference is, you don’t need Facebook. You use an RSS feed aggregator (piece of software) instead. And, unlike Facebook, which only shows you some of your friends posts, your RSS feed aggregator will show you all of the posts when you subscribe to a feed.

For detailed, step-by-step directions on how to subscribe to an RSS feed, watch the screencast at the end of this page.

When you subscribe to our RSS feeds, our posts associated with that specific feed automatically come to your RSS feed reader. You can subscribe to:

  • everything that is published here,
  • specific authors,
  • or specific categories at PenceWatch.US

Some pages, such as Mr. Pence –> Governor, do not update very often. Therefore, those pages do not have an RSS feed associated with them.

Our Main RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds for Our Tags

Now, this is getting really granular, but below are RSS feeds for all of the tags associated with each of the posts here at These are provided for our readers who may have OCD tendencies.

2016 Election 9/11 abortion Accountability Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty Adobe Affordable Care Act Alissa Wilkinson alt-right Ambassador Speakers America American church history Amway anti-semitism Apostle Paul aversion therapy Beka Books Betsy DeVos Bibb Graves Bible birtherism black church Blackwater Bob Jones Bob Jones University Bob Jones University Press Boston Harborfest Breitbart News brexit build the wall Business Council buyer's remorse Cabinet California Call Camille Lewis Campaign 2000 campaign promise Carrier Catholic Catholic Church Charlie Nguyen Charter School Chesed Shel Emeth Society Christian Christian school movement Christianity church CIA civil right civil rights movement Civil War Clinton Administration CNN Cold War comment policy Compromise Congress conservative conversion therapy Corinthians Craig Silverman creative commons credit Danna Bash David Duke Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation Donald Trump Eichmann election 2016 electroshock therapy electroshock treatment Eli Pariser Elsa and Edgar Prince Foundation Equal Rights Act Equality Erik Prince euphemism Evangelical Evangelicalism Evangelicals Fairness fake news Family Research Council far-right flickr Focus on the Family for-profit Foster Campbell Franklin Graham Fundamentalism Fundamentalist Fundamentalists Gage Skidmore Glenn Feldman GOP Gospel Coalition Hate group healthcare Hillsdale College homophobia honesty House of Representatives Imperial Wizard Inauguration Indiana integration intolerance Jail Hillary James Dobson Jared Kushner Jerry Falwell Jerry Falwell Jr. Jesus jobs Johnson Amendment Justin Taylor Kenneth and Gloria Copeland KGB KKK Ku Klux Klan LBJ Levatino LGBT LGBTQ license lie Lincoln Linda Sarsour Louisiana Mackinac Center for Public Policy Make America Great Again march March for life Maternity Leave Mexico Mike Pence Mitch McConnell Moral Majority Motherboard National Enquirer Nazis news NPR Obamacare Oxford Dictionaries patheos patriarchy Paul Ryan Pence Pensacola Christian College photo credit pizzagate post-truth post-truther Presidency Privatization Privitization pro-life progressive Putin racism rally Randall Balmer rape Reagan religious freedom religious zealot reparative therapy Repeal and Replace reproductive rights Republican Republican National Convention Republican party Robert Sherrill Roe V Wade Ronnie Floyd run-off Russia Sacramento same-sex marriage SCOTUS Secretary of Education Segregation Senate Senator software Southern Baptist Steve Bannon Strategy and Policy Forum swamp Taiwan Tarek El-Messidi tax-exempt Tax-payer Technology TED talk thank you tour The Filter Bubble The Foundation for Traditional Values Theocracy Tony Perkins Transition Team Trump truth truthiness USSR Vice President victory tour Vladimir Putin VoCo Voucher Washington Post watching white White Supremacists women Women's March women's rights YouTube

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