What does “Christian First” even mean? Let me tell you . . .

Mike Pence - Anti-Gay Crusader CC-BY-DonkeyHotey - flickr -cropped

For years, Mike Pence has described himself thusly: “I’m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican–in that order.” There is unending material in those few words, and one could, if one was so inclined, do an entire series of articles on them. For now, however, just a short post.

Christian First

Mike Pence - Anti-Gay Crusader - CC BY - DonkeyHotey - flickr
Mike Pence – Anti-Gay Crusader – Creative Commons BY
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Mike Pence’s Speech to Churches

Wordsalad of Mike Pence's Church Video Advertisement

One Minute Video Introduction


Just prior to the election, Mike Pence prepared an ad that was aired in churches across the nation. The advertisement is much more than a finely-tuned marketing masterpiece. The content of this political advertisement is crazy significant. In fact, it’s so significant I went to the trouble of transcribing the entire 5 minute advertisement.… Continue reading

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