Charlottesville Snapshot

I urge you to watch the short documentary above. But I warn you, it’s very disturbing. Below I list some quotations from the 22 minute video on the Charlottesville horror. These people were in Charlottseville when they made their comments.

Christopher Cantwell, white supremacist leader:
  • “We’ll fucking kill these people if we have to.”
  • Referring to the driver who ran
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Liars Lie. That’s What Liars Do…

Linda Sarsour Creative Commons By: Festival of Faiths

Out of one (two, three…) mouth(s), this administration promotes hatred, anti-semitism, intolerance, racism, homophobia, fear of Muslims and disdain for immigrants as rapists and terrorists…

If you don’t know about Steve Bannon’s agenda, more will come on that later.

But when Pence sees an opportunity to contrast himself just a bit from his boss and his boss’ chief counsel and … Continue reading

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Mr. Trump has recently been indulging himself in an epic “clap for me” fest, the likes of which we haven’t seen until now. This is a multi-city “Thank You Tour,” during which he travels to huge rallies filled with people who voted for him and tells them to stop shouting about putting Hillary in jail, because that is so 2016-Election-Cycle … Continue reading

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Will this election never end?

Soon and very soon. December 10 is the day Louisianans vote for a senator in a run-off between Democrat Foster Campbell and Republican John Kennedy.

Yeah, I know, I know. There really are people who will vote for a Republican named John Kennedy just because his name is John Kennedy. It’s those pesky “undecideds.” This … Continue reading

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