Conned By a Christian?

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In his address to America’s churches, Mike Pence said,

“It was the pulpits around America that spoke of the evils of slavery and brought an end to the scourge of slavery in America, even through a great civil conflict. And it was voices of faith, and communities of faiths that transformed our nation through the

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Mr. Trump has recently been indulging himself in an epic “clap for me” fest, the likes of which we haven’t seen until now. This is a multi-city “Thank You Tour,” during which he travels to huge rallies filled with people who voted for him and tells them to stop shouting about putting Hillary in jail, because that is so 2016-Election-Cycle … Continue reading

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Pence in Meeting with the Tech Elite

Trump/Pence Tech Meeting - Sean Spicer
Trump/Pence Tech Meeting – Sean Spicer

On Wednesday, December 14, 2016, Donald Trump and Mike Pence (seated to Trump’s immediate right) met at Trump Tower with key players in the technology sector.


  • Peter Thiel1, board member of Facebook and RNC speaker
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook
  • Jeff Bezos of Amazon and The Washington Post
  • Larry Page and Eric
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Why We Are PenceWatching

You may have noticed there’s a lot of Trumpstuff going on. Bizarre appointments of the uniquely-unqualified to powerful positions. Strange bedfellows, ala Vladimir Putin. A startling lack of diversity in the Presidential Succession–old white guys with suspect belief systems, military malfeasance, and even questionable patriotism.

What happened to all that Party of Lincoln rhetoric?

More importantly, what will happen? We … Continue reading

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It’s Been a Month

It’s December 8.

It’s been a month.

It’s still hard to digest the chunk of news that Donald Trump and Mike Pence have been elected POTUS and VPOTUS.

Harder still is watching the daily assault of WTFisms that are being thrown at us. Cabinet picks that have no basis in reason. We have entered the realm of the Late Night … Continue reading

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Why I’m Here

That Tuesday afternoon, I got out the pots. The two big pots I was going to carry outside and bang together in jubilation when they called the night for Hillary.

Later, crestfallen, I put the pots away. The next day I cried. I wandered around the house. Disbelief. Astonishment.

Slowly, slowly, it sunk in. We had elected Mr. Trump.

We … Continue reading

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You know Carrier. It’s that air conditioning/furnace place in Indiana that was going to move 2,100 jobs to Mexico. During the campaign, Donald Trump promised that Carrier would do no such thing, go no such place. After the campaign Mr. Trump presumably forgot about Carrier.

Until someone said something. This is the way it is with Mr. Trump. He says … Continue reading

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Wait! you say. Isn’t this about Mike Pence? What do the Cabinet posts have to do with him?

The answer to that is simple. Once Mr. Trump tossed Chris Christie overboard, he needed someone new to run his Transition Team. He picked his running mate and our new Vice President Elect, Mike Pence.

Mike Pence is in charge of the … Continue reading

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Mike Pence, We’re Watching You

Yes, of course, Donald Trump is dangerous and frightening. He can’t form complete thoughts. It’s unclear whether he understands what his new job will entail. It appears he has failed to equip himself with easily-obtainable knowledge about, say, appropriate qualifications for Cabinet posts to which he is appointing singularly inapt individuals.

But it’s Mike Pence, the incoming Vice President we … Continue reading

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