Inauguration Day

This brief video message from Senior Author, Sharon Hambrick.


Tim was born at the end of the post-world war baby boom, was a child of the ’60’s, a teenager during the Vietnam War, and a young man when economics reportedly began to trickle down. Now, six decades under the expanding belt, he lives in a post-truth world: science

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Welcome Steve Krodman


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We would like to introduce a new author to PenceWatch.US : Steve Krodman. From his bio:

Steve Krodman spent his formative years in Massapequa, New York, a town that was also the home of Jerry Seinfeld, the Baldwin brothers, Carmine Gambino, and Joey Buttafuoco. He studied chemical engineering at Princeton University, receiving his BSE degree in 1974. Retired after toiling

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Who Are The People Behind PenceWatch.US?

This blog is not affiliated with the office of the Vice-President or Mr. Mike Pence.

Meet the people who are involved in PenceWatching. We are a diverse group. We have varied perspectives, opinions, and ideas about the way things should be in our world.

Authors are free to share any news about Mr. Pence they believe to be factual. As … Continue reading