Charlottesville Snapshot

I urge you to watch the short documentary above. But I warn you, it’s very disturbing. Below I list some quotations from the 22 minute video on the Charlottesville horror. These people were in Charlottseville when they made their comments.

Christopher Cantwell, white supremacist leader:
  • “We’ll fucking kill these people if we have to.”
  • Referring to the driver who ran
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Liars Lie. That’s What Liars Do…

Linda Sarsour Creative Commons By: Festival of Faiths

Out of one (two, three…) mouth(s), this administration promotes hatred, anti-semitism, intolerance, racism, homophobia, fear of Muslims and disdain for immigrants as rapists and terrorists…

If you don’t know about Steve Bannon’s agenda, more will come on that later.

But when Pence sees an opportunity to contrast himself just a bit from his boss and his boss’ chief counsel and … Continue reading

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Well, Well, Well…

Pence Muslim Ban Tweet

It was December 8, 2015–just over a year ago. Then Governor Mike Pence tweeted. His tweet was liked by 154,552 people. It was retweeted 211,730 times. His tweet was simple and to the point:

“Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.”

I wanted to make sure this wasn’t fake news circulating the feeds. I searched … Continue reading

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Inauguration Day

This brief video message from Senior Author, Sharon Hambrick.


Tim was born at the end of the post-world war baby boom, was a child of the ’60’s, a teenager during the Vietnam War, and a young man when economics reportedly began to trickle down. Now, six decades under the expanding belt, he lives in a post-truth world: science

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Welcome Steve Krodman


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We would like to introduce a new author to PenceWatch.US : Steve Krodman. From his bio:

Steve Krodman spent his formative years in Massapequa, New York, a town that was also the home of Jerry Seinfeld, the Baldwin brothers, Carmine Gambino, and Joey Buttafuoco. He studied chemical engineering at Princeton University, receiving his BSE degree in 1974. Retired after toiling

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Selling Your Soul

Evil Eye Creative Commons, By: Anton (Toni) van Straaten - Flickr - cropped

One Minute Video Introduction


In the first three posts in this series about Mike Pence’s masterfully crafted political advertisement to sell a morally indefensible Donald Trump to American church-goers1 we covered these broad themes:

  • Racism was pervasive in a significant number of America’s white churches, especially, but not exclusively, in the South of the 1800s and 1900s.
  • The
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