Register Who?

A problem has arisen in America. We’re divided. Philosophically, religiously, and culturally, between those who celebrate diversity, multi-culturalism, and an expanding electorate, and those who long for the simpler days of America First. We need unity of purpose, religion, language, background, and culture.

To accomplish this, we need a national registry, a big beautiful wall, strict guidelines for who can … Continue reading

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Pence WordFoto

One Minute Video Introduction

On November 6, two days before the election, Mike Pence, in this recorded message, addressed the churches of America.

It is not known how many pastors played this message for their congregations, nor how many churchgoing Americans heard this message, nor how many looked down at their hands in embarrassment that their pastor would play such … Continue reading

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Girl Photo CC2 By - G.Baby Dolls - Cropped Horizontal

 In his speech to America’s churches, delivered on November 6, 2016, Mike Pence, soon to be VPOTUS of these United States, placed the blame for America’s current and supposed lack of greatness on women who have had abortions.

Getting rid of abortions, said he, would bring back America’s greatness. To that end, he promised Mr. Trump would nominate to the … Continue reading

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Pence Speech from 2000 RNC: A Delicious Gem of Incoherence

Just googling around the internet looking up Mike Pence, and whoa, howdy, what’d I find? This delicious nugget of bad spelling, bad punctuation, and please-elect-me-please-okay?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Mike Pence’s one-minute speech from the 2000 Republican National Convention as preserved on his own Congressional Campaign website:

I am Mike Pence, and I am running for

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Mr. Trump has recently been indulging himself in an epic “clap for me” fest, the likes of which we haven’t seen until now. This is a multi-city “Thank You Tour,” during which he travels to huge rallies filled with people who voted for him and tells them to stop shouting about putting Hillary in jail, because that is so 2016-Election-Cycle … Continue reading

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Why We Are PenceWatching

You may have noticed there’s a lot of Trumpstuff going on. Bizarre appointments of the uniquely-unqualified to powerful positions. Strange bedfellows, ala Vladimir Putin. A startling lack of diversity in the Presidential Succession–old white guys with suspect belief systems, military malfeasance, and even questionable patriotism.

What happened to all that Party of Lincoln rhetoric?

More importantly, what will happen? We … Continue reading

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It’s Been a Month

It’s December 8.

It’s been a month.

It’s still hard to digest the chunk of news that Donald Trump and Mike Pence have been elected POTUS and VPOTUS.

Harder still is watching the daily assault of WTFisms that are being thrown at us. Cabinet picks that have no basis in reason. We have entered the realm of the Late Night … Continue reading

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Why I’m Here

That Tuesday afternoon, I got out the pots. The two big pots I was going to carry outside and bang together in jubilation when they called the night for Hillary.

Later, crestfallen, I put the pots away. The next day I cried. I wandered around the house. Disbelief. Astonishment.

Slowly, slowly, it sunk in. We had elected Mr. Trump.

We … Continue reading

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Mr. Pence gave the following speech regarding The Presidency, at Hillsdale College, on Monday, September 20, 2010.

At the time, he was a member of the House of Representatives from Indiana’s 6th district, and was also the Chair of the House Republican Conference.

Mr. Pence’s purpose in giving this speech was to spank President Obama. I have bolded a few … Continue reading

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Will this election never end?

Soon and very soon. December 10 is the day Louisianans vote for a senator in a run-off between Democrat Foster Campbell and Republican John Kennedy.

Yeah, I know, I know. There really are people who will vote for a Republican named John Kennedy just because his name is John Kennedy. It’s those pesky “undecideds.” This … Continue reading

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