Creative Commons By DonkeyHotey - Flickr
Creative Commons By: DonkeyHotey – Flickr

While Donald Trump is elephanting around Washington, stomping and bellowing,  Mike Pence is walking sanely around Europe, reassuring our allies that we aren’t lunatics, that we will absolutely stand behind our treaties and defend them in perilous times.

Creative Commons: By Gage Skidmore
Creative Commons: By Gage Skidmore

While Donald Trump treads willy-nilly over civil rights and terrifies immigrants, Mike Pence treads softly over the hallowed ground of Dachau, positioning himself as the Not-Donald. The Sane One. He who cares.

The Messiah.

Because when this administration inevitably implodes into a full-blown 25th Amendment removal, Mr. Pence wants to be lily white and clean. All shined up and ready to go.

As much as I dislike the Veep’s anti-LGBT, anti-woman, anti-whatever stances, the truth remains that he isn’t, so far as we can tell, possessed of an itchy nuclear finger.

Donald will go to a nice, quiet, safe place where people can care for him, and we will be left with a virulently anti-gay Tea Party savior, and we’re going to like it. We will wear “I survived the Trump Administration” t-shirts and we’ll be too exhausted from #resisting to realize the cultural sinkhole we’ve fallen into.

Then, when that all happens, we’ll be told, “You got rid of Trump. What more do you want?” What more we want is to also get rid of Pence. They are the same. One is loud, one is quiet. One seems crazy. The other not so much. The one is more crazy internationally, the other is domestically and culturally retrograde.

In my opinion, Trump is more existentially dangerous to the United States. I think this is obvious. But, when the time comes, Mr. Pence will need to be opposed at every moment on every domestic issue. We will need to oppose POTUS 46 with the same level of vigilance that is now being expended toward the foolish and dangerous policies of POTUS 45.


Sharon Hambrick grew up in Fundamentalist Christianity and still “defaults” Fundy much of the time, to her own consternation. A licensed California lawyer, mother of five, wife of one, writer, inveterate road-tripper, and burgeoning feminist Democrat, Sharon wept away November 9, but woke up on November 10 determined to do something. When the idea of a Pence Watch was presented to her, she eagerly hopped on board.

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