Well, Well, Well…

It was December 8, 2015–just over a year ago. Then Governor Mike Pence tweeted. His tweet was liked by 154,552 people. It was retweeted 211,730 times. His tweet was simple and to the point:

“Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.”

I wanted to make sure this wasn’t fake news circulating the feeds. I searched his Twitter account, and there it is.

Pence Muslim Ban Tweet
His actual tweet

And today he works in a White House that just did this very thing.

I guess most politicians are opportunists and liars. So why do I find Pence’s lies and opportunism so virulently offensive? Because he claims to be a Christian first and foremost, above everything else. Yes, Jesus. I can hear Jesus saying: Build that wall. Throw out those refugees. Turn away from Muslims.

In my humble opinion, he’s a liar and an opportunist first and foremost.


Tim was born at the end of the post-world war baby boom, was a child of the ’60’s, a teenager during the Vietnam War, and a young man when economics reportedly began to trickle down. Now, six decades under the expanding belt, he lives in a post-truth world: science and truth are just a passé inconvenience studied in last-century university. He reaches for his smartphone in a dumbworld to take a stupidselfie. [Fake camera sound] Oh! Well, that will never do! What’s that app that removes wrinkles and blemishes? Never mind. He doesn’t have to remember. He just asks Siri… He’s a post-truther now! I’m just saying: he’s got questions. Real questions. And someone really needs to look into this, really look into this… That’s all I’m saying.

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