Welcome Steve Krodman

We would like to introduce a new author to PenceWatch.US : Steve Krodman. From his bio:

Steve Krodman spent his formative years in Massapequa, New York, a town that was also the home of Jerry Seinfeld, the Baldwin brothers, Carmine Gambino, and Joey Buttafuoco. He studied chemical engineering at Princeton University, receiving his BSE degree in 1974. Retired after toiling thirty-four years in the Great Corporate Salt Mine, he lives in the steaming suburbs of Atlanta with his wife and cats. Politically, he considers himself an old-school centrist—an endangered species in these days of highly polarized political discourse.

Steve Krodman - HatSteve is certainly no stranger to writing and blogging. Aside from his own personal blog, he publishes pieces at other online sites, for example: Like the Dew, a Journal of Southern Culture and Politics.

His writing is often witty and always precise. His work has the ability to sneak up on you unsuspectingly and stop you in your tracks to make you think. I recently encountered his piece, The Starby Guy. It’s short, casual (until it isn’t) and one of those prescient pieces everyone needs to read!


Please welcome Steve Krodman to PenceWatch.US!


Tim was born at the end of the post-world war baby boom, was a child of the ’60’s, a teenager during the Vietnam War, and a young man when economics reportedly began to trickle down. Now, six decades under the expanding belt, he lives in a post-truth world: science and truth are just a passé inconvenience studied in last-century university. He reaches for his smartphone in a dumbworld to take a stupidselfie. [Fake camera sound] Oh! Well, that will never do! What’s that app that removes wrinkles and blemishes? Never mind. He doesn’t have to remember. He just asks Siri… He’s a post-truther now! I’m just saying: he’s got questions. Real questions. And someone really needs to look into this, really look into this… That’s all I’m saying.

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