Mike Pence’s Speech to Churches

One Minute Video Introduction


Just prior to the election, Mike Pence prepared an ad that was aired in churches across the nation. The advertisement is much more than a finely-tuned marketing masterpiece. The content of this political advertisement is crazy significant. In fact, it’s so significant I went to the trouble of transcribing the entire 5 minute advertisement.

Within this short speech, Pence reveals a profoundly important, top agenda item for the coming administration. These simple 2 words mobilized millions of religious voters. And, inexplicably to me, this gets next to zero press coverage. In my opinion, it’s one of the more dangerous things this administration fully intends to do, and is one of the critical reasons why the evangelical, extremist fundamentalists supported this ticket with millions of votes.


But, before we look at every word he said, let’s look at a word map of it.

Wordsalad of Mike Pence's Church Video Advertisement
Wordsalad of Mike Pence’s Church Video Advertisement

The larger a word appears above, the more he said it. Notice the size of the word “god” compared to the size of the words “Donald Trump.” Should that tell us something?

Transcript of His Advertisement

The emphasis is my effort to call attention to some pull quotes and faith-based buzz words.

Greetings. I’m Governor Mike Pence.

You know it’s my honor this year to serve as the Republican nominee for Vice President of the United States with my running mate, Donald Trump. I’m grateful to be able to join you if only by videotape.

I’m not sure how they introduced me. The introduction I prefer is pretty short: I’m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order. And really, it’s as a fellow believer that I’m particularly honored to be able to address you today.

I know that every one of us has our own story about how we came to faith. For me, I was raised in a family where faith was important: Church on Sunday, grace before dinner. But my faith became my own when I made a personal decision to trust Jesus Christ during the spring of my freshman year in college. That night, my heart was literally broken wide with gratitude and with joy when I came to realize that what happened on the cross in some small measure, actually happened for me. And I know all of you in the room share that same passion and that same sense of gratitude for what was done on our behalf.

Years later, my faith has been tested, relied on more times than I could possibly count. All I know for sure today is I need him more than ever. And he’s really the center of my life and the center of my family’s life. You know God’s love really eclipses our failings. And, as always, he’s been a source of renewal and strengthening for this nation and for people of faith throughout our history.

In these troubled times I believe we stand at a turning point, when those who cherish faith, and those who cherish freedom, those who cherish the sanctity of life and all the liberties enshrined in our constitution should step forward and heed the call to action.

I joined Donald Trump on the Republican ticket because I believe he has the right leadership and the right vision to make America great again. President Donald Trump will appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will uphold our constitution and the rights of the unborn.

Donald Trump will also sign into law legislation that will free up the voices of Faith all across this country by repealing what’s come to be known as the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment’s literally been on the book since the 1950s, and it essentially threatens tax-exempt organizations and churches with losing their tax status if they speak out on important issues facing the nation from the pulpit. Donald Trump and I are both committed to work with renewed Republican majorities in the house and in the Senate to repeal the Johnson Amendment once and for all.

You know, the truth is that a, a careful study of American history has shown that the strength of our nation has come from our communities of faith. Throughout our history it has been the voices of faith that more often than not have driven our nation to a more perfect union. It was the pulpits around the American founding that thundered against the tyranny of King George. It was the pulpits around America that spoke of the evils of slavery and brought an end to the scourge of slavery in America, even through a great civil conflict. And it was voices of faith, and communities of faiths that transformed our nation through the civil rights movement in our own lifetime. And we’re a better nation for it.

The choice today, for all of us though, could not be more clear. I’ve never seen a more dramatic choice in a national election in my lifetime. I truly do believe we’re, we’re come to a time for choosing. And I think it’s a time in the life of our nation when people who cherish life, when people who cherish our liberties, when people who cherish the great traditions that are enshrined in our constitution should come together in support Donald Trump, and our agenda, to make America great again.

In these troubled times at home and abroad, challenging times for American families, I’d, I’d like to encourage you to do one more thing, and that is to bow the head and bend the knee in the days that remain in this election. Pray for our country. But, as you do so, please pray as, as Lincoln said was his prayer, not so much that, that God would be on our side but that we would be, in his words, on god’s side.

Because I truly do believe in my heart of hearts that what’s been true for millennia is still true today: that if his people, who are called by his name, will humble themselves and pray, he’ll again do as he’s always done throughout the storied history of this nation. He’ll hear from heaven, and he’ll heal our land– this one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to address you today. May God bless you, your families, this community of faith, your church, and may god continue to bless the United States of America.

Video of the Speech

Brief Observations

He’s really polished, isn’t he. Not only does he almost look like the loving and concerned heavenly father, he speaks church. He speaks it very, very well. He used the buzz words that make the evangelical crowd feel all warm and fuzzy inside—spiritual, as if they are doing the right thing, the thing God wants them to do: vote for the man who brags about grabbing p***y, ceaselessly lies, pays little or no taxes, cares most about himself and wealth, and is married to a former porn star1.

If you’re not a church-goer, you probably had no idea this advertisement was carefully placed in America’s churches.

And whether or not you’re a church-goer, a religious person, or even a person of faith at all, he says something in this speech that should sound the alarm bells loudly. He showed us all who he works for, who put him where he is. He did this with 2 words—2 words he said 3 times: Johnson Amendment.2

But what is the Johnson Amendment? I mean really. We know what he said it was. But, what really is it?! (Remember, Mike lies too3.)

I will explore the Johnson Amendment in a future post. It’s very, very significant. Why did he talk about it to the people in churches across America? A quiet Supreme Court case in the 1980’s turned on the Johnson Amendment. It made a small number of influential people very, very angry. And these men set out to take over the Republican Party as a result.

It took them over 3 decades, but they did it. They actually did it! And now these men want to achieve their agenda masked as noble religious beliefs: wolves in sheep’s clothing? Boys and girls, we’re in for a veeeeery interesting ride!

Stay tuned as we explore the courtTim's Initial - T - 100 - Black case that brought us attorney Mike Pence, the US Vice President.

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  1. I think God might have some opinions about such things. 

  2. The only other significant words spoken more were: faith, nation, Donald Trump, cherish, life, America, Republican 

  3. “He never said that.” he insisted. But, ooops. He did, and everybody knew that he did. 

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