Mike Pence, We’re Watching You

Yes, of course, Donald Trump is dangerous and frightening. He can’t form complete thoughts. It’s unclear whether he understands what his new job will entail. It appears he has failed to equip himself with easily-obtainable knowledge about, say, appropriate qualifications for Cabinet posts to which he is appointing singularly inapt individuals.

But it’s Mike Pence, the incoming Vice President we are concerned with here, and we want him to know: We’re watching you, sir.

So far, we don’t like what we see. We see a religiously rigid man who has consistently stated he is a Christian first, a conservative second, and a Republican third. We wonder where his Americanism falls in this hierarchy of loyalty.

We see a man who, while Governor of Indiana, fought for parents’ rights to use electroshock therapy on their minor children to zap away the gay, a torture-like procedure that causes both physical and mental agony and from which many have suffered for years after the “treatments” ended.

We see a man who mistakes the right to worship God as one pleases for the right to discriminate in business against those whose lifestyle one opposes.

We see a man who, were he to assume the highest office in the land, would energetically use that office to advance a cultural agenda of the most regressive kind.

Our eyes are open. We see you, Mr. Pence.


Sharon Hambrick grew up in Fundamentalist Christianity and still “defaults” Fundy much of the time, to her own consternation. A licensed California lawyer, mother of five, wife of one, writer, inveterate road-tripper, and burgeoning feminist Democrat, Sharon wept away November 9, but woke up on November 10 determined to do something. When the idea of a Pence Watch was presented to her, she eagerly hopped on board.

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