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We enjoy and promote active, participatory conversation by our readers through comments on PenceWatch.US. Nevertheless, comments at this blog are published subject to our approval. By commenting on the site, you accept the following conditions:

We reserve the right to decline to publish any or all comments from anyone, for any reason, and at any time we choose. Approval of a comment does not imply immunity from subsequent deletion.

Our values, a partial list of which is available at the What Matters to .US link on our site – provide a general guideline to the kind of comments we are most likely to publish. We don’t necessarily have to agree with a particular comment or commenter in order to publish a given comment, a free and open exchange of ideas being an important element of civilized discourse. However, comments that we feel do not appropriately contribute to the public commons will not be published, along with comments that are disrespectful, off topic, or that attempt to advertise. Ad hominem insults and hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated. We will block the IP addresses of commenters who repeatedly or egregiously violate these conditions.

Some blogs or news organizations claim to be fair and balanced. Some juxtapose opposing arguments as equivalent to one another. We do not lay claim to either of these notions. This blog’s political viewpoint is generally center to left—not right. We make no apology for that fact.

As noted above, we don’t have to agree with every comment at PenceWatch.US: not at all. We accept that people, good people, have different views. We value different perspectives in the commons; therefore, respectful disagreement is welcomed. But this is not a soapbox in the park. We are firm believers in the Golden Rule: Them as has the Gold makes the Rules. Since we pay to publish this blog, we get to decide what appears on it, and that includes the comments. If you don’t like that, go write (and publish) your own blog.



Tim was born at the end of the post-world war baby boom, was a child of the ’60’s, a teenager during the Vietnam War, and a young man when economics reportedly began to trickle down. Now, six decades under the expanding belt, he lives in a post-truth world: science and truth are just a passé inconvenience studied in last-century university. He reaches for his smartphone in a dumbworld to take a stupidselfie. [Fake camera sound] Oh! Well, that will never do! What’s that app that removes wrinkles and blemishes? Never mind. He doesn’t have to remember. He just asks Siri… He’s a post-truther now! I’m just saying: he’s got questions. Real questions. And someone really needs to look into this, really look into this… That’s all I’m saying.

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